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6 Seasons and a Game

We finally found a way to make paintball cool again!Welcome to 6 Seasons and a Game! This is a completely free, volunteer made, multiplayer, satirical parody of common thematic elements found in American broadcast television serieses (yes that's actually a word.) In this game you'll find fast paced classic arena shooter gameplay, bright colors, tons of Easter eggs. and lots of meta references. The early access version of this game will feature a classic style 8v8 map of unique characters being challenged to a paintball match by their evil doppledeaners.

The purpose of this project is for aspiring game developers to come together as a community to gain experience and to meet different people. We hope you enjoy joining us on this journey and support the continual addition of special and unique game modes. As long as there is interest in this projects continuation and volunteers to make it happen we will strive to improve this project to make it a unique and fun gaming experience for you to enjoy.

Remember! This is a team of volunteers with limited experience in game development and this is still a very early access version. That being said, if you run into something that you think is a bug, it's actually a feature we put in to make this game unique!
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Game Discussion

Review by Anonymous
Review from Steam

Double bounced my friend on a trampoline and he was f-ing disintegrated

Review from Steam

Best horror game of 2012

Review from Steam

Hmmm.... This game better not awaken anything in me...

Review from Steam

It is a simple game with a simple premise. But my friends and I had a good time goofing for an hour for free. Might try and host a tournament at some point.

Review from Steam

You'll need to bring your own players or round up fellow combatants on the Discord if you want to find a match reliably.
This is the best paintball multiplayer FPS I've played on Steam. Quality gun mechanics, fun environments, responsive controls and if you're a fan of Community -- lots of references -- make this a highly recommended title.

Review from Steam

Pop pop!

Review from Steam

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