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4 Months of You

Some memories should be left in the past.

A first-person psychological horror game where you explore a slow-paced atmospheric world with graphics inspired by the PS1 era.

  • Explore every corner of the environment to find and collect key items

  • Manage your inventory space

  • Complete puzzles to progress deeper into the depths

  • Always remain calm, otherwise who knows what could come after you

  • Don't forget to breath

** Keep in mind this game has very little hand holding. **

You will have to take your time to explore and search the environment for items and clues.

You will eventually get lost.
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Game Discussion

Review by Anonymous
Review from Steam

It is a pretty cool game with ps1-ish graphic. Puzzles are interesting so far, no repeated and come with unexpected outcomes. Tho the inventory could be a bit frustrated (can't drop item), but most of time it won't matter that much.

Review from Steam

4 Months of You is an fun and interesting puzzle game with a horror feel to it. I've been playing this game for several hours, and I'm still not finished. But I'm enjoying every minute of it! If you're into puzzle games and have a lot of patience and desire to explore every corner of the game's environment (like I do), then this game is for you.
Essentially, this game requires you to solve puzzles one-by-one in order to progress further. You start inside your apartment, and as you progress further, things start to get scarier. You also start to uncover vague details about the main character's background/story, but with still many details left vague (it leaves much for you to 'fill in the gaps').
I really enjoy the art/graphics style, which is akin to PS1 games. I also like the mechanics behind 'breathing to calm down' and running away from/dealing with 'memories' and 'dark phantoms'.
Overall, I'd recommend this game to anyone who's into horror and puzzle games! Keep in mind though that this game requires a lot of patience, and you may have to start all over if you run out of lighter fluid and it gets too difficult to see what's around you as a result. However, I didn't find that to be too big of a deal, as once I restarted, I could get back to where I was before much more quickly, as I remembered how to solve the previous puzzles.

Review from Steam

Just starting this game but already I am enjoying the PS1-era art style. Gives off a very ominous feel like something will jump out at any point.
If you're interested in horror games such as I'M SCARED then you will enjoy this one!

Review from Steam

4 months of you is a cool game you have that gives gaming a new feel to horror, few bugs like the gate outside wouldnt open for me but i may have missed a key its a great game all together