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-Story-Cloudy the Black Cat received a letter from the king; it turns out her home is about to be demolished!

Cloudy needs the support of the king, courts, and church to protect her home, before it’s too late!

Meet companions! Complete tasks! Save Cloudy’s home!

At the same time, a strange organization is plotting something…-Features-Twelve unique upgradeable characters

Four different skills for each character

Freely explore a map with random encounters

Forty-six mystical artifacts that can influence combat

Many different gameplay styles-Genre-Role-playing [email protected]
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Game Discussion

Review by Anonymous
Review from Steam

I enjoyed this game a lot. It's very simple, but it has a charm to it that makes it very fun. The classic turn-based match up well with the pixel art style, and the time mechanic makes the game a bit more challenging. Overall, a very enjoyable game and one I will look back on fondly.

Review from Steam

A very enjoyable and short (4 hours for 100% no rush) RPG. You can buy items, complete quests, recruit and improve companions, and defeat enemies. A well-presented and overall relaxing experience. Full of lighthearted and fully dialogues without devolving into memes, rarity these days!

Review from Steam

The Black Cat Magician is a pretty nice casual JRPG with a fun combo system and interesting mechanics, the game is held back by a few flaws but for the price and the replayability it's a great game.
The positives:
A lot of party members to find, they all play differently and it's fun to customize the party. The members have a lot of synergies together.
Pretty interesting combat system where party member slot position matters.
The game is pretty simple to learn once you get into it.
Relaxing ost
The characters have cute sprites.
If you lose or complete the game you can carry over gold and platinum which gives the player a head start.
My criticism of the game:
The game starts you with a party that is organized poorly, it doesn't teach you that you can swap member positions, and that member positions matter. You should Swap Cloudy and the Dog.
The game is on a 20 day cycle with every action taking up time, there is no new game plus, although you can keep any farmed gold and platinum.
You can only have one save file at a time.
A majority of the characters are missable, so it might be best to read the guide on how to get them. I suggest getting the rabbit, go to the dango forest in the daytime after the king tells you to get more members.
The game can be somewhat open ended and I feel many people might lose on their first attempt, but it is easy to figure out by the second.
Overall the game is short, but you can get replay value by going through multiple playthroughs with different builds. I wish they would implement a new game plus where you could keep your party members leveled so you could easily try new builds. I hope the devs continue to work on this game, or work on a sequel in the near future because I love all the characters in this game.

Review from Steam

Black Cat Magician is a very cute adventure game where you go into locations, doing quests, collecting artifacts and getting more party members. The gameplay is simple but pretty enjoyable, and the price is very nice for the offered content. I managed to get 100% in 5 hours, which is far more than I expected. The trailer and pictures show well what to expect. Do give it a try, I'm sure you will get the price worth of fun too. ^^

Review from Steam

A game in which you play as a cat and you need to protect your tower, there are many different artifacts, as many as 46 and 4 skills, so it won't be boring, 10 cats out of 10

Review from Steam

9 hours, one run, full achievement.
buy the double money reward relic from court ASAP and this should be not too difficult.
not replayable for me. but it is a nice 9-hour journey with my little black cloudy and her cute companions.
I like the battle system very much. good design,
all in all, highly recommended.

Review from Steam

I really liked defending the tower in this 2D RPG game, a cool game, I hope the developer will not abandon it and will continue to improve all aspects and updates will come out often!

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