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In order to facilitate the establishment of direct communication channels with the majority of users, we open the contact channels to the public before the pre-launch of the game.

Official game Telegram exchange group: game QQ exchange group: 565760884

If you have any suggestions, please feel free to join our official group. If you have any suggestions, please feel free to join our official group. We will also announce the latest news in the official group at the first time!

About the Game官方游戏Telegram交流群: 官方游戏QQ交流群:565760884

《编年史OL》完美继承了《The Legend of Mir 2》的游戏精华,并在原游戏的基础之上同步更新了最新的5职业游戏内容。该游戏中有战士、法师、道士、刺客、弓箭手五种任务职业,所有游戏情节的发生、经验值得取得以及各种打猎、采矿等活动都是在网络上即时发生。在游戏中模拟了现实世界中白天、黑夜、雨、雾、贸易、物品等观念,玩家可以通过采矿、打猎等来获得货币,利用货币进行游戏贸易。整个游戏充满了魔力,具有典型的东方神话色彩。




















Official game Telegram exchange group: game QQ exchange group: 565760884

Chronicles OL” perfectly inherits the essence of “The Legend of Mir 2” game, and updates the latest 5 professions game content on top of the original game simultaneously. The game has five quest professions: Warrior, Mage, Daoist, Assassin, and Archer. All the game plots happen, experience is worth getting, and various hunting and mining activities happen instantly on the network. In the game simulates the real world concepts of day, night, rain, fog, trade, items, etc. Players can obtain currency by mining, hunting, etc. and use it for game trade. The whole game is full of magic and has a typical oriental mythology.

This game is based on people, and players can play as warrior, mage, daoist, assassin, and archer in the game. Warriors have high ability of physical attacks and resisting physical attacks, they are physically strong and always full of vigor. Mages are not as strong as warriors, but they have great power to manipulate natural elements such as fire, water, and lightning. Daoist is a profession between warrior and mage, they have general physical attack ability, but also have some mental ability. Daoists also have the summoning art, which allows them to summon powerful beasts to follow them and help them fight. Assassins, as the name implies, know that they are elves in the night, but also silent killers! They are used to using the darkness to hide themselves, silently approaching the enemy, instantly bursting out to make the enemy deadly destructive power! As for the archer, more like a complement to the mage, also has a lot of skills, but each attack is to give others to physical damage. As a veritable long-range physical output profession, the archery is best at inflicting fatal blows on the enemy outside the enemy’s attack range. With brightly colored costumes, elegant shooting movements and gorgeous special effects, there is no better archer than an archer!

In the current game setting, the simultaneous opening of Kunlun City, Snow White City, ancient maps and various dungeons, in the game at the same time more appreciate the perfect space-time architecture. In the game, it is combined with the latest game Internet technology development of the game props cross-service trading and other distinctive system features. Imagine, in the game presents the perfect match of players and valuable mounts, and complement each other! In various adventure activities, new mounts with various attributes give users a bonus to their attributes, enhancing the presence of the character in the Chronicles continent. The opening of cross-services trade makes the world continents that were originally isolated from each other exist in the form of parallel continents, yet can be interconnected in a grand and spectacular scene.

Chronicles OL is currently operated by Vietnam Chronicles Co., Ltd. and is sure to bring a different gaming experience to the majority of game users in the near future.

About the game

This is the enduring “legendary” reset version of the game, in which all the props can be obtained by destroying monsters or completing game copies. As long as you experience the game with your heart, all the top equipment can be easily obtained!

◆Game features◆

The original game experience, on top of the original reset version is to add a variety of new mounts, new items, as well as cross-services battlefield and cross-services item trading.

Game system ◆

Fashion system

Pet system

Mount system

Copy system

Equipment Building System

Fishing System

Awakening System

Siege System

Dungeon System

Props decomposition system

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