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瑜伽 108式 Yoga 108

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Yoga is a system that helps humans reach their full potential by raising awareness. Yoga postures use ancient and easy-to-master skills to improve people’s physical, psychological, emotional and spiritual abilities. It is a way of exercise to achieve the harmony of body, mind and spirit. Plot In today’s increasingly impetuous society, the God of Yoga has spread The 108 style to the world, saying that every asana you comprehend will bring a little peace to the world. Do you want to be ordinary, one-half, buried in the world, or do you want to be the chosen one, 108, guarding the world! Play Each level will have a number of roles put out different actions, generate a number of nodes, matching nodes, correct matching, can pass; Timed challenges, with each level challenging and replayable; Later levels add different difficulty Settings such as rotation, hidden parts of the level.
Level form linear flow, rich level. Other All ages
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