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About this game"Black Dragon Mountain" is a pixel-style, horizontal 2D action adventure game. The player will play a police, from the beginning of the disaster, through their own wisdom and martial arts, unlock the secret behind the disaster, and ultimately defeat the evil behind the scenes, get the world peace back.

The general context of the plot is that the game makers refer to the hometown myth and adapt it to produce, the time is set in the overhead of ancient China, located in the north of the Shenzhou mainland, there is a country commonly known as the North. The four seasons here are distinct and rich in goods. The main character, as a police in the North, is ordered to investigate the riots caused by the white snake from the south, the "Bolong". Along the way the main characters covered in thorns, met a number of benevolent people.Encountered a few rangers,no discord no concord. Finally came to the Bolong's mansion - Bailongzhuang, intended to find out exactly. Unsurprisingly, this is only the beginning of disaster, and a plot to overthrow the state has already begun blatantly.Protagonist introduction
Orange, the leading police in the North, became the chief Police officer at a young age. He was expressionless when handling the case and was given the nickname "Iron-faced Judge". In fact, she is enthusiastic and willing to give, but years of overtime have made her resent a lot, and she has become unsmiling. Actually make cold jokes.
"Obviously it is 10 days of annual leave, half a year after half a year, and half a year after half a year, and it will be almost three years, sir, when would you let me take an annual leave?"

She have been to Dongying during the study tour, and secretly learned some Dongying assassin's alchemy. When she is life-threatening, she can instantly turn the tail into his own shape, and then use the smoke bomb to escape.
"The assassins of Dongying are powerful. They use wood and they can run away whenever they want. I use a tail once. No matter what, it takes two months to grow out. I don't know if it's enough to take a sick leave."GameplayThe gameplay is mainly based on horizontal board clearance, with a complete plot line for narration. The protagonist can climb, sprint, jump and other actions to break through the levels, and experience the relaxed and humorous game atmosphere.

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