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深渊幻境 / Abyssal Mirage

深渊幻境 / Abyssal Mirage Screenshot 1
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About Game

Abyssal Mirage is an action-adventure game containing random elements of Roguelike. Using the huge maze as a battle map allows you to explore the dangerous maze in depth. This game contains a lot of weapons and magic skills, find and match different weapons to defeat various powerful enemies.Game Features※Rich Magic Skills

This game has very rich elemental magic skills, and can match different forms of battle. It can not only have a powerful long-range single attack, but also can output a large range of damage.

※Refreshing Battle

The meticulously designed melee system has a variety of different attack feels and various attack forms. For example, the dagger has a super high-speed attack, and the spear has a large-scale attack. Sprint attack of each melee weapon. They will bring a very refreshing and flexible combat experience.

※Magic Counterattack System

This system is a highly interactive embodiment of melee and magic. Most magic works with melee weapons. They can be counterattacked and re-attack the enemies, they can even spawn new sub-skills. Most magic skills are no longer simple attack effects, but an entity that allows you to experience the fighting essence of attack, which is the best defense.
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