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幻灵岛(Fantasy Sprite Island)

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Fantasy Sprite Island

Fantasy Sprite Island is a collection of spirit capture training, home construction, copy adventure and other business development type of game. In the game, players can set up spirit teams to conquer different areas of the magic island, discover and unlock different function points on the island. Build your own home and arrange for elves to do different jobs. You can also try leisure games, or training incubation, cultivate powerful elves, and finally challenge the endless city and eternal arena.

  • Form a spirit

In the first version of the game, there are more than 100 kinds of spirits in different shapes, which live in various areas of the island. Elves of different races have their own race value, skill pool and talent pool, so some of them are good at fighting, some are good at entertainment, and some are good at work... Reasonable arrangement and management of them for different work or combat combination will get better effect.

  • Spirit skills

The elves in the island will get a chance to learn skills every ten levels. They will randomly choose two skills from their skill pool to learn. Of course, in addition to their own race pool, elves can also learn the learnable skills of this attribute through skill books.

  • Spirit reproduction

The spirits in the magic island can reproduce across races. Just choose two opposite sex spirits to reproduce. The offspring will be randomly selected from the parent race. The attributes of the spirits will be based on the random attributes of the parent race. At the same time, they may inherit the random skills of the parent race. That is to say, the offspring can acquire cross race and cross attribute skills through heredity. There are other special conditions in reproduction, please look forward to it.

  • Spirit equipment

Each spirit can carry a piece of equipment, which has its own characteristics. It's not just a simple attribute increase or decrease. Carrying the appropriate equipment will greatly enhance the strength of the spirit.

  • Random copy

There are all kinds of elves, replica facilities, props, traps, etc. randomly distributed in the replica. Conquering the replica will get a lot of rewards. In addition to 5 limited copies, 2 endless copies will be unlocked after customs clearance. At the same time, the first copy can also unlock the island's resource points, mysterious shops and other functional buildings.

  • Island Construction

By building various functional buildings on the island, we can arrange elves to engage in refining, training, incubation, entertainment, guarding and other work, or to resist emergencies. Of course, you can also unlock the resource points on the island through the adventure copy of customs clearance, and arrange the elves to collect the resources and treasures on the island. These resources are also the basic raw materials for refining various treasures.

  • Home facilities deployment

You can freely arrange the location of the home buildings. In the middle and later stages of the game, you can also get many decorative buildings from the treasure and entertainment center to decorate your home. Of course, the deployment of these decorative buildings will make the elves on the island happy and get various kinds of bonus.

  • Production and integration of props

After the players build a Research Institute on the island, they can arrange the elves to produce various props automatically by consuming different materials. They can also fuse the surplus props to produce new props.

  • Entertainment Games

When players build an entertainment center on the island, they can carry elves to play entertainment games. Of course, choosing the right elves to play the right game will get more attribute bonus, and the game will be simpler. The token obtained through the small game can also be exchanged for special reward props.

  • Training ground exercise

When players build a training field, they can arrange the elves for training. With the passage of time, the Elves will get experience value, and special training can also be arranged, which will enable the elves to get the training value of attributes, so that the elves can grow more personalized.

  • Place type monster invasion resistance

When players build sentries and deploy guard elves, they can detect the impending invasion of monsters (random events) in advance. The elves in sentries will fight with them automatically (or take the initiative to fight). After victory, they will get rich rewards.

  • Eternal arena and endless City challenging the limit

When the player passes the last copy on the island, the eternal arena will be unlocked to challenge the limit of the spirit's fighting power! Of course, in addition to the eternal arena, the two infinite copies that are finally unlocked are also the places where the comprehensive ability limit of the spirit team is challenged. With the increase of the number of layers, the rewards of the copies are getting better and better, and of course, the difficulty is also getting higher and higher!

  • Seasonal weather change

The weather on the island changes every day. The change of the weather will be affected by the season, and the different weather will also have a certain impact on the fight of the elves.

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