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Review by Anonymous
Review from Steam

I have no clue what's going on but at least there are some jiggly boobs.

Review from Steam

Alright, good first, then bad. Hello. I enjoy this game to the extent of almost any other. Good, heavy, quick spawns, for multiple people being able to hack and slash to their hearts' content, that's gorgeous design. The creatures gradually look more intimidating as the path to killing continues.... However, I had some fun with bears all over the trees and then got to the next creatures, but my MP Meter wasn't naturally regenerating, so I didn't fight them, got stuck in one of the walls, then said "eff this, I'm out", then logged out, logged in with this app the right way and I guess it read wrong because here i am, with tears a' plenty.... So now: the rant....
I tried to use a Translator on the game because It's all in Japanese, but I think the Translator got me banned when I made a new character to try it.... A friend of a client recommended it.... This game almost looks like a game my family and I were big into at a point, called Conquer Online, later reintroduced as Conquer Online 2.0. I wonder if this is a rival company, out to scam it's players...? Do you deserve to Build A Legacy if your game doesn't even have Universal options to change your Language? We get it, you take pride in your game, but don't make others suffer for your lack of Translation services.... I take pride in being a Gamer, so if you don't help us out, how are we to trust you, rivals of Free 2 Win?
Comment below, in English if you don't mind, your thoughts on this Steam Game being all illegible?
Like and Comment if you too, were banned for some BS....
Also comment if you use the Common English Universal Translator. Need info on this thing, that's supposed to have a million downloads....

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