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乱战机动队 Past Due

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We are building a large Cyberpunk mapping for players, they can choose between different characters and group up with friends. Each character has unique attributes and capabilities! It’s important that you can fight alone, but great teamwork is always key to win here!

During the game, players can enjoy between thrilling battle fights with other teams,. The winner path is not limited to kill all the enemies players, but also outsmart them all and become the first team to fulfill the final mission!

The Story

20 years from now, the Company Centurion is the first to unlock the secrets from relics of an ancient civilization α.

By unlocking these secrets, they have developed the most advanced technology in the world and successfully developed new ways to create energy.

Just when they were about to become the leader of the world, the Company Centurion was overthrown by rebels and their resources were stolen by multiple organizations. These organizations feud amongst themselves to gather as many of the resources as they can. People who are in debt have been forced by these organizations to become soldiers and have to live by the gun in order to survive.

Diversified Character settings, teamwork is key

Gil, the Captain: the most trustworthy supporting role in the battlefield, is able to summon UAV and restore health to allies
Weapon: Rifle
Skills: UAV Investigation, UAV Attack, UAV Defense, UAV Rescue

Nicolas, the Blood: Big Nicolas is the bravest fighter, always leading the team in the battle center, presenting impressive survival capability.
Weapon: Heavy machine gun
Skills: Fully-automatic weapon loading, power shield, high combat effectiveness for short period of time

Sariel, the Mystery: Highly agile, intelligent, cast big damage to enemies out of blue.
Weapon: Light submarine gun, Short-range assault weapon
Skills: optical camouflage, to be invisible for short period of time, able to make sudden assault on enemies off guard, electromagnetic pulses

Smash, the Sniper: Aim to kill from hundreds of yards away, highly effective in causing damage.
Weapon: Multifunction single shot rifle
Skills: Sniper shooting model, shielding, jetpack, reducing shooting cool down time

Colossal and verified battle zones

Fiction-Science mapping style, relatively flat in landscape. There will be 7 battle zones, including City Center, the Rich Quarter, the Poor Quarter, Science base, Factory… Science base locates in the middle where survivors are very likely to meet up at the final mission. Each zone connects by narrow rivers and other natural landscapes that players can walk through. Players can easily take shelters around buildings.

Unique Upgrading System

In the beginning of game, each character carry only one skill. With players complete more mapping events, kill more enemies and monsters, more skills will be unlocked and upgraded.
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