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Советский Игровой Автомат Баскетбол


The first soviet arcade machines appeared in early 1970 and lasted until the collapse of the USSR. At that time arcade machines were produced mainly by enterprises of the defense and military complex, and it is not surprising that each of them was worth like a new brand car “Zhiguli”. General in 70-90th about 70 kinds of arcade slot machines was made. Basketball is one of the game machines that was designed for two players. The point of the game: throw the ball in the opponent's basket, more than the opposite player. The playing field was covered with a transparent dome and divided into holes. Each hole has a pair of numbers for each of the players, by pressing the appropriate keys triggering the springs which directing the ball into the basket.


The game is built in such a way as to reconstruct as accurately as possible the spirit of presence near the table, one of the favorite pastimes of many children and adults. In this game, in addition to the single-player mode, where you will be able to play against AI of varying difficulty, there is an opportunity to try yourself against the same players as you. Currently, the game is limited to these two modes.


During the development, I was trying to pay a lot of attention to detail, so there is no simplified control, you need to press the mouse button according to the hole where the ball is. As in the real prototype, the force with which the spring will hit the ball is equal to the time you hold the key.
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Game Discussion

Review by Anonymous
Review from Steam

A simulator of an old soviet era basketball arcade game. You need to shoot from pressure points to hit the enemy basket and earn points.
Its fairly straightforward and simple. If you want to try something retro or you're from that era and want to reminisce, then you're probably the target audience.
Для русскоязычных товарищей.
Тут всё просто, симулятор советской аркадной баскетбольной машины. Прикольно для тех, кто хочет повспоминать прошлое или посмотреть как игры работали в то время.

Review from Steam

Fantastic little game to play around with for some time here and there.