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Путь героев

Way of Heroes is a side-scrolling arcade beat 'em up game. The game begins when our heroes come to the city Vorms. Residents of the city began to disappear after the arrival of dark power in their place. A local resident tells the hero - that in order to rid this area of ​​evil otherworldly power - the mountain must destroy the book of the dead hidden in the dungeons under the city. The book is scattered on sheets in different corners of caves and dungeons. Only by collecting all the sheets can you destroy the whole book and all the evil in place with it.

You have to choose a hero and go through the dungeon levels of the city of Vorms. Collect the unworthy pages of the Book of the Dead and destroy it. Level up the hero and get new magic abilities. Play with other guys on two joysticks and have fun.
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Review from Steam

I didn’t like that I can’t find a way out of the mazes for a long time. But with a friend we played fun on joysticks. I hope they will add the ability to change the defense on the heroes.