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Гизмо: Японские кроссворды

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Help, there's an emergency in Gizmo Land!An unknown device has crashed into Kurt the Mechanic's garage. After sharing the alarming news with his friends, the trio decides to look into the incident.A search of the crash site reveals a coded message from a distant planet. Can you help shed some light on this mystery?

  • Gorgeous nonogram puzzles up to 30 x 30 grids!

  • Perplexing jigsaw mini-games!

  • Amazing art and breathtaking storyline!

  • Beautiful steampunk music and sound effects!

  • Shiny rewards for extra quests!

  • Professional actors voice acting!
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Review by Anonymous
Review from Steam

Much to my surprise this casual-looking facebook-tier 1024x768 resolution clunky Picross game is unexpectedly populated with a decent number of quite challenging puzzles that go all the way up to 30x30 in size. Took ~22 hours to solve.
There are many far better Picross games on Steam but if you already ran out of all of them this wouldn't be the worst stop to take. But yeah, I'm recommending it reluctantly.

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