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The Girlfriend From My Novel

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I thought I would live my life in obscurity and loneliness, with nothing else to do but write.

Then one morning, someone claiming to be the heroine of my novel, Laura Grace, came to visit me and asked to stay in my house?! After a series of questions, I couldn't even find proof that she wasn't her... My ordinary life changed that morning.

We moved in together, we even started talking about writing, and with Laura's help, my writing process became smoother and smoother, bringing me closer to my dream of becoming a writer.

Things were looking good, but then strange things happened and I realized that it was not that simple. There was no such thing as free lunch, but what was the price of this...? And what was the real reason for Laura's appearance?

What would Laura Grace, a female thief from a fantasy world, steal from my life?

◆Gameplay Instruction

The player takes on the role of Kuroda, an obscure writer, and unearths the truth that gradually emerges through the textual drama and options of a fantastic daily life together.

Every decision the player makes will change the future of Laura and Kuroda.

◆Game Features

◇17 basic CGs, including more than 200 differentials

◇Game text: 90,000

◇Pure love drama
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